Standard Transducers
6.5" Paper Cone Subwoofer


6.5“,Steel Frame
1.2"PESVW Voice Coil,Aluminum Former
Paper Cone, Rubber Surround
Dual Ferrite Magnet Motor System
High Sensitivity
6.5 Inch
57.0 Hz
4 Ohms
87.00 dB
Quality Factor
0.630 Qts
Rated Power
100 W
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This is a 6.5 inch 4ohm transducer, it is a Subwoofer features 1.2inch voice coil with PESVW. In term of suspension system, cone is consisted by Paper Cone body with NBR surround and spider is consisted by NC. In term of magnetic motor system, magnet is consisted by Ferrite material. It can be used on Subwoofer model.


T-S Parameters
Resonance frequency [fs] 57 Hz
Mechanical Q factor [Qms] 5.2
Electrical Q factor [Qes] 0.72
Total Q factor [Qts]  0.63
Force factor [Bl] 7.6 Tm
Mechanical resistance [Rms] 2.3 kg/s
Moving mass [Mms]  33.9 g
Compliance [Cms] 0.22 mm/N
Effective diaph. diameter [D]  130 mm
Effective piston area [Sd] 132.7 cm²
Equivalent volume [Vas] 5.7 l
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)  87 dB
Ratio Bl/√Re 1.49 N/√W
Ratio fs/Qts 90.5 Hz
Electrical Data
Nominal impedance [Zn]  4 Ω
Minimum impedance [Zmin]  4.2 Ω
Maximum impedance [Zo] 25.7 Ω
DC resistance [Re] 3.4 Ω
Voice coil inductance [Le]  1.1 mH
Power Handling
100h RMS noise test (IEC 17.1) 100 W
Long-term max power (IEC 17.3) 200 W
Voice Coil & Magnet Data
Voice coil diameter 30.5 mm
Voice coil height 13.5 mm
Voice coil layers 4
Height of gap 6 mm
Linear excursion ± 3.75 mm
Max mech. excursion ± - mm
Unit weight 1.352 kg



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