Staff Zone
Human Resource is the most valuable asset of the Company. In order to create a cozy and pleasant working environment for staff to rejuvenate the Company business by dedicated work, and to prompt benign development in human resources, the Company focuses to comply with the employment ordinances and rules of the local government authorities to ensure the right and interests of staff. The Company has set up duly managed channel and procedures for staff to report or appeal their grievances or complaint. There are regular meetings for the labor representatives to voice their suggestions and the Company representatives to explain the operating systems of the Company.
Senior Manager Lily Lo
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Customer Zone
The Holding Company was set up in Cayman Islands in Feb 2011. The principal activities of its subsidiaries are the development, manufacturing and sales of the products of Speaker Systems, Portable Speaker Systems and Audio Video Systems. Its products are mainly Home Theatre Systems, TV Sound Bars, household Audio System, digital player, Audio Systems with mobile phones and iPhone docking, car Speakers, Blu-ray Speakers, High End Speakers and Audio Video consumer electronics products. Having more than 20 years' in-depth, board and sounded experiences in various area of the industry, the Company masters well the core technology of speaker system production and it has established good chronical collaboration and sustained working partner relationship with customers of Global Brands.
Vice President Jeno Chang
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Investor Zone
General Meeting is held annually to allow Shareholders sufficient opportunities and time to raise their questions and proposals in the Meeting. There are also investor briefings which enable communications among Investors, Analysts and the Company’s Management Team. The Company has a Spokesman and Functional body in Litigations and Non-litigation affairs to handle duly the proposals, doubts, ambiguities and disputes raised by Shareholders. Apart from these, in complying with the requirement from the Regulatory Authorities, the Company also makes instant announcements promptly for information that may affect the decisions of investors.
Vice President Jeno Chang
Phone +886-2- 8911-3535 ext. 104
Business Partners (Suppliers)
The Company believes “faithfulness” is the principle of running business. The Company demands qualitative , quantitative and punctual delivery by suppliers, and at the same time, the Company would make payment to suppliers according to the payment terms stipulated in contracts; and should there be any technical barriers with the subcontractors, the Company would provide technical assistance wherever necessary and possible. Both the Company and Suppliers should comply with this faithful Policy to achieve the most reasonable quotation, best quality and service foremost, aiming at reaching target in raising social responsibility.
Vice President Jeno Chang
Phone +886-2- 8911-3535 ext. 104

Environmental Protection

  • Compliance with international code requirements, such as RoHS, HF, WEEE, etc.
  • Green Supply Chain Management
  • We comply with the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle); e.g. we use recycled wood particles in the manufacture of our wood cabinets
  • We have been a qualified Green Partner of SONY since 2010
  • We hold multiple environmental quality related certifications


Environment Management System Certificate Quality Management System Certificate ISO/TS16949 Certificate

Social Participation

Industry-Academy Cooperation

EASTECH cooperates with Tatung University on specified research programs and EASTECH offers summer internships for their undergraduates to enable them to practice what they are studying. Both EASTECH and Tatung University mutually benefit from this cooperation.

Educational Support

With the increasing demand of preschool education for the children of the employees of EASTECH Group in Huiyang and also for children from peripheral areas in the district, a director of our Company’s subsidiary has personally contributed since 2004 to establishment of a kindergarten in the area. Xiu De Chinese – Anglo Kindergarten (“Xiu De Kindergarten”), provides an excellent educational platform and since March 2011 it has been awarded recognition as a first-class kindergarten in HuiZhou City.

The children of the employees of EASTECH Group companies account for approximately 47% of the students of Xiu De Kindergarten. As part of the employees’ benefit, EASTECH provides school fees subsidies as well as providing auxiliary support for the employees’ children.

Social Community Services

Parallel to pursuing corporate flourish, EASTECH donates to specific charitable association from time to time to give back the society without sparing any effort in social welfare sponsorship.